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Past Worshipful Masters 1980 – Present

P.M. E. Thomas Oliver, 33⁰

Worshipful Master 1980

Antioch Lodge’s 50th Worshipful Master

Like so many men of distinction, Brother Oliver’s contributions and credits to the Craft are endless.  He has brought a real mark of distinction not only to Antioch Lodge #66 but to Freemasonry as a whole.  His unending zeal, tireless labors, dedication and devotion defy description and are herewith recorded for your perusal.

Past Master Oliver was born and raised in Halifax County, Virginia; however, he traversed to New York City where he established permanent residency.  He joined the U. S. Air Force where he serviced overseas in both Germany and Japan; and, was honorably discharged in 1964.

Spending more than 30 years in the field of Higher Education, Bro. Oliver retired from Merger Evers College as Vice President of the School of Continuing Education and External Programs; and later, served as Vice President of Business & Finance at Fort Valley State University, and then as Senior Vice President of Administration at Fisk University.

Past Master Oliver is a graduate of both Bernard Baruch College (where he earned a Bachelor Degree) and Long Island University (where he earned a Master of Business Administration Degree).

Past Master Oliver was raised in 1972 under the administration of Worshipful Master Samuel Clay.  His conscientious labors lead to his unanimous election to worshipful Master in 1980.  His forward looking policies increased the Lodge attendance and was presented a plaque for dedicated service.  On January 25, 1981, PM E. Thomas Oliver was elected President of the First Masonic District where he served for eight years; and has been serving as part of the Grand Lodge of the State of New York ever since.  In the Masonic year 2000 PM Oliver was elevated to the thirty-third degree of Masonry.


Worshipful Master 1981

Antioch Lodge’s 51st Worshipful Master

PM Frederick was raised in 1972 under the administration of WM Samuel Clay.  His rise to the east is the end result of his diligent studies in Antioch Study Club.  In essence he possesses all the necessary qualifications, intellect, character, integrity and of course ability.  He has championed our creed, “The brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of God”, by this constant display of a deep sense of compassion for his fellowman.  A builder in the true sense of the word, he has an overwhelming desire to mold Antioch into a more cohesive body, in order to establish a greater camaraderie among our membership.

Brother Frederick is married to the former Rosa Quinones.  They are the proud parents of seven children.  The very charming sister Frederick is an active member of Antioch Chapter #44; and has served as Conductress.

During the Korean conflict PM Frederick served in the U.S. Army.  A lifelong employee of the US Federal Postal Service, he retired after much dedicated service.

PM Frederick is a member of Widows Son Chapter, Royal Arch Masons, Past Chairman of the Volume One Historical Journal Committee and has served on numerous other committees.  He initiated the first Master Mason welcoming (which incidentally is still active).  While an active member of Antioch Study Club, he served for quite some time as financial secretary.  Brother Frederick advises our younger members to take advantage of the fruitful benefits offered by Antioch Study Club.  Numerous Masonic scholars have passed through these doors to become leaders of their respective Lodges.


Worshipful Master 1982

Antioch Lodge’s 52nd Worshipful Master

Brother James R. Thomas was born on August 25, 1922 in McAlester, Oklahoma.  He attended the Sumner High School, Kansas City, Kansas; Rhodes Preparatory School, NYC; and a two-year technical stint at New York University.

He and his lovely wife Josie have two children and four grandchildren.

As a Veteran of World War II he served in the US Coast Guard where he was stationed in the “European Theatre of War” and the Asiatic Pacific, participating in nine major invasions.  Such far-flung and exciting activities eminently qualify him to relate to his two grown children and his four grandchildren all of his exciting experiences in the service of his country.

Now a retired civil service employee is currently associated with the Harlem Branch of the Y. M. C. A., in the Physical Education department.  Brother Thomas became a Master Mason in 1949.  His strict application and dedication to the principles of Masonry is not questioned in the least by his Fellows; on the contrary these qualities are lauded to the highest degree.


Worshipful Master 1983

Antioch Lodge’s 53rd Worshipful Master

Brother Fields, a native South Carolinian was born in Darlington County, South Carolina.  Upon completion of elementary and secondary school, he moved to Brooklyn, New York.  He later married Jessie Mae Harrell, a South Carolinian.  This Union has brought forth three beautiful daughters and two handsome sons.

Now a resident of Bay Shore, New York, he and his family are active members of Durham A.M.E. Zion Church.  He is employed by Amax, Inc. in Carteret, New Jersey as Manager of Office Services.  He is also, attending Long Island University, in Brooklyn.

From the time he was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason, he was appointed as an officer until he was elected Junior Warden in 1981.  In 1977 he was appointed by P.M. Alexander Evans to publish the Lodge First Historical Journal in its History and was completed in November, 1977 at no cost to the Lodge.

In 1980 he published an up-to-date membership roster.  In 1981 he was appointed by Worshipful Master Benjamin T. Frederick to publish Volume II of the Historical Journal – “Heritage Antioch Lodge #66”.  He also printed the Communication Newsletter and mailed them out at no cost to the Lodge.


Worshipful Master 1984

Antioch Lodge’s 54th Worshipful Master


Worshipful Master 1985

Antioch Lodge’s 55th Worshipful Master

A native Georgian, Brother Ivey was born in Augusta, GA.  After 3 ½ years of military service with the US Army, upon discharge he became a New York resident.  In 1949, he and the former Ella Peterkin were wed.  the bonds of this beautiful union was blessed with the birth of three lovely children.

Brother Ivey is a longstanding Postal Employee; and an active member of the renowned Friendship Baptist Church, where he was ordained a Deacon in 1970.  A Brother of stature, he posses an intense desire for Masonic wisdom.  His membership in Widows Son Chapter #1, King David Consistory #3 and Medina Temple #19  are indicative of this tireless quest.

His hobbies include art, cooking and tinkering with automobiles.


Worshipful Master 1986

Antioch Lodge’s 56th Worshipful Master

Retired from the New York City Police Department, as a Sargent.

Died in the early 90’s at the age of 70.


Worshipful Master 1987

Antioch Lodge’s 57th Worshipful Master

Bro. William C. Holmes was born in Farmville, North Carolina on May 4, 1044.  He received his education at the H.S. Brigg School and Fayetteville State College.  His family moved to Newport News, Virginia for a few short years before moving on to New York City where he still resides and also his Place of Worship, Friendship Baptist Church.

He is married and the father of three children.  His mother was a shining example of the craft for she was member of the North Carolina chapter of the Eastern Stars.

He was entered, passed and raised in 1978 under the administration of Worshipful Master Percey O. Branch.

Bro. Holmes’ desire is to become a Mason was prompted by an overwhelming urge to become involved in the promotion of Brotherhood.

Bro. Holmes is also a member of Widows Son No. 1 Royal Arch Masons.


Worshipful Master 1988

Antioch Lodge’s 58th Worshipful Master

Brother Hardge was raised in 1977 under the administration of Worshipful Master Alexander Evans.  As a result of his keen interest and diligent studies, he has emerged as an outstanding ritualist.

One of three children, brother Hardge was born in Cowell County, Texas on February 17, 1927 to Alonzo Hardy, Sr. and Emma Armstrong Hardge.

A graduate of Calard High School, at San Marcos Texas; he entered the halls of higher education at St. Philip Jr. College in San Antonio, where he majored in Tailoring.  He successfully completed his studies there in 1948.

He engaged in various employments until induction in the army in 1954.  Serving faithfully for two years, he was honorably discharged in 1956.

Upon separation from the service, he established residence in New York City.  After several years of employment in the garment district, he met and married the former Ms. Dorrie Blackman.  This joyful union has given birth to two charming children, Will Jr. and Cheerio.

Past Master Hardge retired from the United State Postal Service where he was employed since 1961; and  served as Supervisor Electronic Technician.

His favorite pastimes are bowling and traveling (although he never seems to have time).


Worshipful Master 1989 & 1990

Antioch Lodge’s 59th Worshipful Master

Birth Place – Birmingham, Alabama

Birth Date – December 20, 1933

Married – Father of five children

Occupation – Retired New York City Police Department

Honorably discharged from United States Air Force

Past Master Robert M. Harris became a member of Antioch Lodge # 66 in 1981 under the administration of Worshipful Master Benjamin Frederick.  As a result of his leadership qualities surfacing from the very beginning, Brother Robert Harris was elected President of the Class of 1981 by his Class Brothers.  His rise to the east is the end result of his diligent studies in Antioch Study Club; as well as his leadership qualities, intellect, character, integrity and of course his ability.

PM Harris became Antioch’s secretary in 1993 and has been in that position ever since.


Worshipful Master 1991

Antioch Lodge’s 60th Worshipful Master


Worshipful Master 1992

Antioch Lodge’s 61st Worshipful Master


Worshipful Master 1993

Antioch Lodge’s 62nd Worshipful Master

Brother Brown joined the rolls of Antioch in 1978.  He is one of the vibrant young voices now resounding through the hall of our prestigious fraternal body.  His keen interest and desire for greater achievements in the aura of Freemasonry lead to membership  in holy Royal Arch, King David Consistory (the apex) and finally Medina Temple #19 A.O.A.O.N.M.S.

An individual of exemplary intellectual fiber, he holds a B.A. from John Jay College where he majored in Criminal Justice, completing his studies in 1976.  While in attendance there, the honors accrued are immensely impressive.  He was elected Vice President of Student Government 1975-1976, served as Junior Representative 73-74; in addition he attained the ultimate, being elected to Who’s Who among students in American Universities in 1974 and 1975.

He is a member of Westchester United Methodist Church, where he is on the board of Trustees.  Commensurate with this, he is Vice President of the Finance Committee, Secretary of the United Methodist Men’s Club; in addition, he is on the Board of Directors of Westchester Day Care Center.

Married and parent of one child, Brother Brown is a quiet, humble individual of outstanding character, with the potential to go far among the ranks of Freemasons.

His hobbies are photography, tennis, softball, basketball and bicycles riding.


Worshipful Master 1994 & 1995

Antioch Lodge’s 63rd Worshipful Master


Worshipful Master 1996 & 1999

Antioch Lodge’s 64th Worshipful Master

Past Master Kirby Palmer has a gift (or special ability) when it comes to the field of graphic arts, and has used those abilities in creating a signature communication that is second to none.


Worshipful Master 1997

Antioch Lodge’s 65th Worshipful Master


Worshipful Master 1998

Antioch Lodge’s 66th Worshipful Master


Worshipful Master 2000

Antioch Lodge’s 67th Worshipful Master

Past Master Washington was born in Charleston, South Carolina on June 3, 1931. As a young man, in 1945 he moved, with his family, to New York City where he completed his high school education.  He served in the Merchant Marines; and, after various other jobs, he finally took a position with NYC Transit Authority where he retired after 29 years of dedicated service.

Brother Washington was initiated into Masonry in 1984 under the administration of Raymond D. Joyner; however, he was raised October 19, 1985 under the administration of Dwellie W. Ivey.

PM Washington’s accomplishments and credits to the Craft are numerous.  An active member of Rising Sun #4, St. John’s Commandery #3 (Knights Templar) where he served as Eminent Commander; Past Deputy Grand Chief Engineer of the Order of Cyrene, where he served for 10 years; and Past Worthy Patron of the Order of the Eastern Stars (Antioch Chapter #44).

With the exception of when illness prevented him from attending, PM Washington never missed a Masonic Communication (or event) in more than 20 years; and has been active on all committees of the Lodge.  His fondest memory (in Masonry) was serving as the Worshipful Master in the Blue House (which he considers his second home).


Worshipful Master 2001

Antioch Lodge’s 68th Worshipful Master


Resident of the Garden State – New Jersey

Profession:  A proud owner of a Certified Public Accounting firm, where he practices in both New York and New Jersey.

Known for his ability to memorize and execute Masonic rituals, Brother Stephens would perform all three degrees without hesitation.  Also, being a focused individual, P.M. Stephens obtained all 32 degrees of Masonry in less than two years.


Worshipful Master 2002

Antioch Lodge’s 69th Worshipful Master

In view of the effort required to make Antioch finish in the black at the end of the year, Past Master Boyd has planned and executed several of the most successful Fund Raisers in Antioch’s present history (i.e., more than 10 consecutive years); and as such, has distinguished himself a master fund raiser.  His signature “Lobster Fest” in a sellout each and every year.

History has shown that PM Boyd has served Antioch Lodge #66 far beyond the call to duty; and is highly respected by his peers.


Worshipful Master 2003

Antioch Lodge’s 70th Worshipful Master

Birthplace – York County, Virginia

Resident – Co-op City, Bronx, N.Y.


Father of three children

Employed by Emergency Medical Services, City of New York Wealth and Hospital Corp. and faithfully served for … until retirement.

Past Master Ashby was initiated, passed and raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason in 1979 under the administration of Worshipful Master Walter E. Taylor, Jr.

Past Master Ashby is a Lover of Sports…

P.M. Theodore Anderson, Jr.

Worshipful Master, 2004

Antioch Lodge’s 71st Worshipful Master

Past Master Anderson was born in Cross, South Carolina, on June 17, 1935.  It was there that he received his early childhood education; however, he went to Knoxville, Tennessee to obtain his College degree.  Upon completion of college, Brother Anderson joined the United States Army where he served from 1958 to 1960; and afterwards became a member of the active reserve until 1962.

It was in 1961 that PM Anderson came to New York City where he first worked as a lab technician at a Medical School and later took a position with the NYC Board of Education where he worked faithfully for 27 years as a high school teacher, until his retirement in 1992.

Brother Anderson comes from a family of Masons (i.e., his father and two of his three brothers).  He was raised in Antioch in 1998 under the administration of PM George N. Moody, Sr.; and, after holding various stations and places, he was elected Worshipful Master in 2004.  Bro. Anderson has been the Chaplin for the Lodge ever since he became a Past Master.  Also, the he is a member of King David Consistory.

As a retired school teacher, Past Master Theodore Anderson, Jr. now spends his time managing his vast real estate holdings in Upper Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Past Master Anderson is married to his beautiful wife of more than 49 years; and from that union came four beautiful children.

P.M. John M. Barmore, Sr.

Worshipful Master 2005

Antioch Lodge’s 72nd Worshipful Master

Bro. Barmore has been in Masonry for many years and is known throughout the Eastern United States for this enthusiasm and love of the craft.  His enthusiasm has encouraged a number of the most well respected Brothers in Antioch to request him to sponsor them into the Craft.

Worthy Patron 1989- 1992

Coming from a household with a wife who is also very active in the Craft.


Worshipful Master 2006 & 2007

Antioch Lodge’s 73rd Worshipful Master

P.M. Paul Whyte was born and raised in Bronx, New York.  An Educator by profession, Bro. Whyte has taught Mathematics, Science, and Technology at Park East High School in New York City and was the program director for the Reach for the Stars Program at SCAN (Supportive Children’s Advocacy Network) – New York, a community based family service agency that provides career and college preparation for 200 young people.

Bro. Whyte has also directed math/science education for Interfaith Neighbors Inc., a non-denominational center for early adolescents.  Earlier, as founder and executive director of Young Voices Initiative, Bro. Whyte turned two years of research into a comprehensive education and athletics program for 200 teenagers in New Haven, CT.

Bro. Whyte holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Yale University and a Master of Education in Administration, Planning, and Social Policy (APSP) from Harvard University Graduate School of Education.


Worshipful Master 2008

Antioch Lodge’s 74th Worshipful Master

Brother Sapp was raised in Antioch Lodge in 2003 under the administration of the then Worshipful Master Richard A. Ashby.

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