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Past Worshipful Masters 1923 – 1979







William O. Murphy, Organizer

Harry Knight, 1st Vice President

Charles M. Dunning, 2nd Vice President

C. Franklin Carr, Member


Worshipful Master 1923-1924

Brother Murphy holds the very distinguished privilege of being the first Worshipful Master of Antioch Lodge # 66, being elected to this prestigious position on December 12, 1923.  Originally a member of Celestial Lodge #3, he demitted to Antioch for the sole purpose of assisting in its organization.  He received our warrant from the hands of Grand Master, Most Worshipful David W. Parker in an impressive and memorable ceremony.  Brother Murphy passed from these shores in 1932 at the age of 67.

Antioch One Year Old December 1924

281 Members

$3,900 bank balance  (approximately $110,000 in 2008)

$1,300 worth of paraphernalia and equipment  (approx. $36,000)

$1,000 invested in Temple (approximately $28,000 in 2008)

* The approximate value in 2008 was based on the 2007 data for unskilled wages and consumer bundles which is an estimate and is adjusted when official data becomes available.


Worshipful Master 1925

Brother Handy hold the distinction of being the second Worshipful Master of Antioch #66.  Being elected by his peers to this time honored office in 1925.

Brother Handy brought a true mark of recognition to Antioch, meritoriously serving as Grand Orator in 1926 and being elected Grand Secretary from 1927 to 1938.

On December 19, 1925 he received his Past Masters Jewel and apron from Grand Master, Most Worshipful Joseph Sullivan, who commended him on his outstanding abilities.  Superlatives were also forthcoming from Brother Arthur Shomberg, who extolled his congratulations to Antioch #66 for having a member of such high caliber.  His personified on Brother Handy’s industrious efficiency and manliness both inside and outside the Lodge.

Brother Handy passed away in 1951 at the age of 84.


Worshipful Master 1926

Antioch Lodge’s 3rd Worshipful Master

Born – 1876 in the U.S.A.

Elected Worshipful Master 1926

Served nine years as Secretary of Antioch #66

Served one year as Grand Junior Deacon

Made Life Member in 1929

Died in 1941 at age 65


Worshipful Master 1927

Antioch Lodge’s 4th Worshipful Master

Born in British West Indies in 1892

Elected Worshipful Master in 1927

Elected Treasurer twelve years 1928-1942

Served as Grand Secretary from 1939 – 1946

Served as Grand Junior Warden 1946 –  1951

Standing at the altar on April 12, 1951, while being made an Honorary Member of Beacon Light #76 he collapsed and passed away.  He was 59 years old.


Worshipful Master 1928

Antioch Lodge’s 5th Worshipful Master

Born – 1881

Became a member of Antioch 1923

Elected Worshipful Master 1928

Died in 1938 at age 57


Worshipful Master 1929

Antioch Lodge’s 6th Worshipful Master

Charter member

Brother Campbell was born in Augusta, Georgia on December 29, 1882.  At an early age he migrated to Newport, Rhode Island and came to New York City in 1911 where he met and married Wilhelmina Burton in 1917.  He was a member of Abyssinia Church.

A Charter member, he was elected Worshipful Master in 1929.  In 1935 he was elevated to the thirty-third degree of Masonry.  On May 18, 1962 in recognition of his long unbroken years of service, the Lodge gave a testimonial dinner in his honor.  Several dignitaries and heads of concordant bodies of Free Masonry attended.  PM Owen H. Thompson was Master of Ceremony and PM Wilson J. Kenny presented the honoree.  Guest speaker of the evening was David Licarish of Abyssinia Church.  PM Leroy Collins presented him with a plaque on behalf of the Lodge.  He also received a plaque from sister Zada Pruit on behalf of Eureka Grand Chapter, as he was a Past Grand Patron.

Brother Campbell was a very industrious worker within the Lodge and assisted on all committees.  Well know in Masonic circles for his Masonic knowledge and oratorical ability, he was a much sought after speaker.  He served on both the Grand Chapter Order of Eastern Stars and the Grand Lodge.

On June 15, 1961 PM Renric H. Jordan presented him with a pin on behalf of Antioch Lodge for over 35 years of meritorious service he had been a Mason.  PM Arthur S. Campbell Passed away in 1968.


Worshipful Master 1930

Antioch Lodge’s 7th Worshipful Master


Worshipful Master 1931

Antioch Lodge’s 8th Worshipful Master


Worshipful Master 1932–1933

Antioch Lodge’s 9th Worshipful Master

PM Leroy Collins was born in Macon, Georgia on August 14, 1902.  He migrated to New York City in 1920 to improve his economic status.  Although the employment situation was fruitless to most, Bro. Collins was fortunate to secure a job on his very first day here as an elevator operator.

Still in pursuit of fiscal security, Bro. Collins took several Federal Civil Service examinations.  His relentless efforts were rewarded with a job in the Postal Service.  He served faithfully in this department for 38 years, retiring in 1962.

Although originally a Baptist by faith during his youth he has since adopted the Methodist faith; and, became a member of the Mount Calvary Methodist Church, located on 141st Street and Edgecombe Avenue, in Harlem.

Brother Collins sought and was accepted for membership in Antioch Lodge in 1927.  Being raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason on April 16, 1927 by Worshipful Master Sidonia Fray.  He was appointed Senior Deacon and served in this place for three years.  Bro. Collins adaptation of the Middle Chamber lecture is legendary in the Craft.


Worshipful Master 1934-35-36

Antioch Lodge’s 10th Worshipful Master

Past Master James J. Anderson was born in Sideburn, Virginia on October 17, 1896.  He moved to New York City in 1906.  In 1917 he entered the army and was honorably discharged in 1919.  Brother Anderson was a lifelong employee of the United States Postal Service, retiring after 40 years of service.

He was raised in 1929 during the administration of Worshipful Master Arthur S. Campbell.

Brother Anderson rendered three successful years as Worshipful Master.  This was ample justification for his reception of the Past Master Jewel at the conclusion of his labors in the East.

Brother Anderson was also given a pin from his Eastern Star Chapter in 1966 for his outstanding contributions.


Worshipful Master 1937

Antioch Lodge’s 11th Worshipful Master

Charter Member

Past Master Willie was born in Wilmington, North Carolina in 1895.  It was here that he received his early education, later attending, Kittrel College.

He and the former Sarah Cason concluded a whirlwind courtship by taking the holy vows of matrimony in 1935.  This happy union conceived one child, a daughter.

Both he and Mrs. Willie were active members of the Craft.  Brother Willie was a charter member of Antioch Lodge.  He was an active member of all committee of the Lodge.  The fruits of his labors were rewarded with his elevation to the East in 1937.  Sister Sarah Willie a member of Sunshine Chapter #34 in Brooklyn, is a past presiding officer of several houses.

Like so many members of Antioch, Brother Willie was a member of St. Marks United Methodist Church in Manhattan where he was actively involved on all Church Clubs and Committees.

Past Master Willie passed from these shores in 1975 at the age of 80.


Worshipful Master 1938 & 41

Antioch Lodge’s 12th Worshipful Master

Born in U.S.A. 1886                                       Died – 1956 Age 70

Active on all committees in Lodge known far and wide for Masonic knowledge received numerous tokens of recognition, certificates, etc.  PM Collins served as Secretary of the Lodge for a number of years.


Worshipful Master 1939 & 40

Antioch Lodge’s 13th Worshipful Master

Born – 1899

Died in 1940 at age 41


Worshipful Master 1942

Antioch Lodge’s 14th Worshipful Master

Charter Member

Life Membership Certificate in 1965

Died in 1974

Past Master Kenny was an industrious man within the Lodge, active on all committees.  He was elected to Worshipful Master 1942.  Past Master Kenny was the recipient of many awards and tokens of appreciation in recognition of his many years of dedication to the Lodge and Free Masonry.


Worshipful Master 1943

Antioch Lodge’s 15th Worshipful Master

Charter Member

Died in 1961 at age 73


Worshipful Master 1944-45

Antioch Lodge’s 16th Worshipful Master

Brother Thomas Toole, a North Carolinian by birth, was born June 14, 1904.  He arrived in New York City in 1935.  In 1937, he and former Ms Lillian Dyer were joined in holy matrimony.  Both of Brother Toole’s parents were members of the Craft, which probably accounted for his interest in Freemasonry.  He is extremely interested in what masonry stood for and felt that its basic philosophy could improve his life.

He became a member of Antioch in 1937, under the administration of Worshipful Master Walter Willie.  His diligence, dedication and devotion led to his elevation to Worshipful Master, serving two terms.

A lifelonf member of St. Marks United Church in Manhattan, Brother Toole’s faithful service, both in the church and the community resulted in the awarding of two plaques for outstanding services rendered.

He served as Treasurer in Antioch #66 from 1947-1965, is a member of Widows Son #1 Royal Arch Masons and Royal and Select Masters.  Brother Toole is a Past High Priest of Widows Son #1.  In addition he served as Treasurer of the Grand Chapter for 15 years and was Dean of the Keystone School, Royal Arch Masons.

Also, P.M. Thomas H. Toole was W.M. when the Lodge moved into the new Temple located at 454 West 155th Street in 1945.


Worshipful Master 1946

Antioch Lodge’s 17th Worshipful Master                         Died – 1952   Age 72

Charter Member

After a long illness of suffering at intervals, Brother McCullough passed away on January 1, 1952, at 10:20 P.M.  Church and Masonic services were held on January 4, 1952 at St. Marks Church 137th Street and Edgecombe Avenue, in Manhattan.


Worshipful Master 1947-48

Antioch Lodge’s 18th Worshipful Master

Life Member Certificate – September 19, 1974

Past Master Avery was born in Arkansas.  His emigration to New York City and eventual acceptance for membership in Antioch is one of Antioch’s proudest mements.  His pursuit for nobler deed, higher thoughts and greater achievements is a true mark of distinction and has left an indelable imprint on our Lodge.  Brother Avery served as Worshipful Master for two years.  He was fortunate in a very unusual manner; he raised his two sons, Robert and Herbert.  One, Herbert, was elevated to the Master’s station in 1956.

Past Master Avery has received an award for organizing several Royal Arch Masons Chapters and Rayal Select Masters in this jurisdiction.  He is also a member of Alpha chapter #1 Oder of Eastern Stars.  In Addition, he is a Past Presiding Officer in all concordant bodies of Free Masonry.

December 16, 1948 Grand Master Louis Fair urged the purchase of Roscoe for $47,000.  He urged each Lodge to donate $1,000; Antioch donated $1,000.

P.M. Avery was Worshipful Master on Antioch’s 25th Anniversary.


Worshipful Master 1949

Antioch Lodge’s 19th Worshipful Master

Born October 3, 1886, Past Master Tyler received his education in Calverton, Virginia.  When he became of age, he went into the Army.  He was honorably discharged in 1916.  Shortly thereafter, he moved to New York City.  Brother Tyler was raised in Antioch Lodge on March 23, 1923 under the administration of William O. Murphy, Antioch’s first Worshipful Master.

He became a member of every concordant branch of Free Masonry, and a Past Presiding Officer in each branch.  In 1950 attaining his highest honor, he was elevated to the thirty-third degree.  Brother Tyler passed away September 14, 1970.


Worshipful Master 1950

Antioch Lodge’s 20th Worshipful Master

In 1950 WM William O. Jones petitioned the Grand Lodge for a change in the ritualistic work, and after much deliberation and research the change was announced at the next Grand Lodge Session.

During the early 1950’s Past Master Jones was the Lodge’s reporter and as a result, articles of Lodge activities were printed in the Prince Hall Sentinel.


Worshipful Master 1951

Antioch Lodge’s 21st Worshipful Master


Worshipful Master 1952

Antioch Lodge’s 22nd Worshipful Master


Worshipful Master 1953

Antioch Lodge’s 23rd Worshipful Master


Worshipful Master 1954

Antioch Lodge’s 24th Worshipful Master

Brother Hollon was previous raised in St. Cecil Lodge #68 in 1950.  That same year he demitted and became a member of Antioch #66.  His uncle being a Mason, set a shining example by his activity and stature.  This greatly influenced Brother Hollon’s desire to join the Craft.  Also, he viewed this as an opportunity to become a better man.

The fruits of Brother Hollon’s labors culminated with his elevation to Worshipful Master in 1954.  In 1955 he was awarded a Past Master’s Jewel by the Lodge for dedicated services rendered.  In 1973 after retiring he left New York and now resides in Charlotte, Florida, where he is affiliated with a Masonic Order.  He continues his tireless labor, being engaged in community activities in that locality.

While here he was a member of the Royal Arch, King David Consistory and the Shrine.  He served as an officer in the Royal Arch and Consistory, Past Ill Potentate of Medina#19, Past Imperial Deputy Director of Charity, Past Imperial Deputy appointed by Grand Lodge October 19, 1972, Grand Promotional Director.

He was also instrumental in organizing neighborhood basketball and baseball teams.  One of the great highlights of his life was at the Apollo Theater when 3,000 children were entertained at Christmas.  Toys and candy were given away.  Lionel Hampton played the role of Santa Claus.


Worshipful Master 1955

Antioch Lodge’s 25th Worshipful Master


Worshipful Master 1956

Antioch Lodge’s 26th Worshipful Master

Brother Avery is married and the father of two children.  He is a Postal employee and union representative.  He has been active as a Boy Scout Master for the three years, and is Vice Commander of the American Legion.  Recently in an interview for the Union newspaper he stated that “He feels he cannot do enough to help people” and that “if he could do just a little to help someone daily he would be happy”.

Brother Herbert Avery became a member of Antioch Lodge in 1948.  The third degree was conferred on him by his father Past Master Emmett J. Avery, a thirty-third degree Mason.

Brother Avery was elected and installed Worshipful Master of his lodge in 1956.  He remembers with fondness the officers and members who assisted him so magnificently in attending to the affairs of the Lodge, especially the Worshipful Brother Past Master Owen H. Thompson.  The excellent work of the degree team and the outstanding work of the then Senior Deacon Richard Hardy.


Worshipful Master 1957

Antioch Lodge’s 27th Worshipful Master

Brother Swain was born in St. Petersburg, Florida on March 18. 1917.  A product of the Flordia school system, advance to Gibbs High School, from which he successfully graduated.  In pursuit of higher education, he entered Florida A&M, which he attended for two years, 1936 and 1937.  In 1938 he migrated to New York City.

Brother Swain served in the Armed Forces during World War II (Army), being inducted in 1942 and honorably discharged February 1946.

Past Master Swain became a member of Antioch in 1950.  He was initiated in February, passed in March and raised in April under the administration of Worshipful Master William O. Jones.

His Masonic accomplishments are impressive.  He is a member of Widows Son Chapter #1, Royal Arch Masons (Past King), King David Consistory #3 and Medina Temple #19 A.O.A.O.N.M.S.  His advancement in Antioch was rapid.  He was unanimously elected Worshipful Master in 1957.

His presence has also been felt in the business world, where he is a Charter Member of Harlem Lions Club, International.  Previously, due to business comitments, Brother Swain has been forced to curtail fraternal activities.  Presently, changing circumstances have allowed more frequent attendance at our communications.  His wise counsel and guidance are a pleasant addition to our great Lodge.


Worshipful Master 1958

Antioch Lodge’s 28th Worshipful Master

Brother Harris, one of three children, was born in North Carolina in 1909.  In 1933, he and his fiancé, the former Faney Gibbs were wed.  His father, a member of the Craft, was a shining example and domination in influence for Brother Harris to follow.  He joined the Lodge in 1950, being raised by Worshipful Master William O. Jones.

One of his proudest moments as Master was the donation of a sum of money to the Harlem Y.M.C.A. for boys’ day camp.  Past Master Harris is involved in community activities and is presently serving as Pastor of Second Family Baptist Church, located in the Bronx.  He received an award from the Baptist Minister Evening Conference of Greater New York, for services rendered over and above the call of duty,


Worshipful Master 1959

Antioch Lodge’s 29th Worshipful Master

Past Master Richard A. Hardy, one of five children, was born (on April 4, 1909) and raised in Raleigh, NC.  He continued his studies after becoming a resident of New York City.  To better himself as a man was the goal which motivated him to become a Mason.  He was raised in 1951.

His outstanding oratory ability was discovered and he became a much sort after speaker and eventually appointed District Deputy Grand lecturer First District on June 16, 1977.  Also he was an active member of St. Marks United Methodist Church.  His wife was the former Lolita Mayers-Sylvester.


Worshipful Master 1960

Antioch Lodge’s 30th Worshipful Master

Brother Hamer came to New York in 1936, having previous resided in Sturgis, NY, where he was born May 19, 1912.  He entered Masonry because he viewed Masons are men of high caliber.  He was raised in 1953 by Worshipful Master Charles E. Pennabaker.

His accomplishments in the Craft were numerous.  A member of Royal Arch Masons, Knights Templar and King David Consistory #3.  Also, he was Past Presiding Officer – Eminent Commander of Ivanhoe #5 and the Past Grand Captain General of the Most Eminent Grand Commandery Knights Templar.

Brother Hamer was also Dean of the Study Club and Director of Degree work in Antioch.  He was extremely proud that as Worshipful Master he had the ability to carry out all the tasks that came before him.  This except from the minutes of January 20, 1960 personifies this ability, “Worshipful Master Hamer called to the attention the phase of benevolence to the Widows and Orphans”. In view of the earnest effort required to make this a continued successful operation he appointed a committee of three brothers to take care of the widows and orphans of Antioch.   He gave the Chairman instructions to take liberty to appoint any brother he desired to work with him on the committee.


Worshipful Master 1961

Antioch Lodge’s 31st Worshipful Master

Brother Jordan a North Carolinian by birth (Concord N.C.) came to New York City at an early age.  He retired from the postal service in 1973 after 31 years of service.

He became a member of Antioch in 1952, being raised by Worshipful Master Edward T. Washington.  His stated reason for wanting to become more involved with and participating in helping people.

Brother Jordan from the beginning has been industrious, devoted worker in the Craft.  Having served on all committees in some capacity, currently serving as Chairman of the Joint Committee.  He is also an active member of our sister Chapter #44.  He has served as secretary of the Lodge for 10 consecutive years.  On April 20, 1967 the Lodge presented him with a plaque in recognition of his dedication to  the Lodge.

He is an active member of Rendall Presbyterian Church located in Manhattan.


Worshipful Master 1962

Antioch Lodge’s 32nd Worshipful Master

Past Master Cecil G. Herbert was born in Barbados, West Indies on November 25, 1911.  He arrived to New York City in 1929.  In 1942 he entered the armed forces.  Serving with engineers, he was honorably discharged in 1946.  A member of the printing trade, he served the Lodge well in this capacity.

PM Herbert entered masonry in 1952 and 10 years later, at the close of his administration he was the recipient of a Past Master’s Jewel.  A talented musician, Brother Herbert also served at organist for both Antioch and the Grand Lodge.


Worshipful Master 1963

Antioch Lodge’s 33rd Worshipful Master

Past Master Alford was born in Dillion, South Carolina January 23, 1914.  His tenure in Masonary is both long and highly impressive.  His Masonic career commenced in 1946, first in Enoch Grand Lodge, secondly in King Solomon Jurisdiction, both ancient free and accepted Masonary.  He advanced to the Holy Roayal Arch and Knight Templar in the New York Rite and became a Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret, 32⁰ Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.

Brother Alford came into Prince Hall Masonary in 1951.  He was accepted for membership in Antioch Lodge #66 under the administration of Worshipful Master Owen H. Thompson and Past Master William O. Jones (“Checking to see if I was qualified”).  To quote Brother Alford further, “and in borrowing words of wisdom from the Most Worshipful Grand Master Louis Fair Jr.  I felt like our Brother Pythagoras in his travel, when he said, ’Erueka’, I found it.”

In 1959 he was awarded a certificate of appreciation for helping to liquidate the Lodge indebtedness under worshipful Master Richard A. Hardy.

He is a member of King David Consistory #3 (P.H.A.) A.A.S.R.  A member of Medina Temple of 28 year standing, A.E.A.O.N.M.S.  Has been a member of the foot patrol for twenty (20) years.  He is also a member of the original Red Coats of Medina Temple #19, holding the office of Treasurer.

Past Master Alford serves as Dean of Study Class and Director of Degrees for Antioch #66 for more than 25 years.  His record of service to his Lodge equals his devotion to Masonary.  Until the time of his death, he was always a shining example of the true meaning of friendship, morality and brotherly love.


Worshipful Master 1964

Antioch Lodge’s 34th Worshipful Master

Brother Beeler’s contributions and credits in the Craft are endless.  He has bought a real mark of distinction not only to Antioch #66 but Freemasonry as a whole.  His unending zeal, tireless labors, dedication and devotion defy description and are herewith recorded for your perusal.  Past Master Beeler was born in Battle Creek, Michigan November 8, 1905.  He was elected Worshipful Master of Antioch in 1964.  His proud moments include – activity in N.Y.C. Patrol Corps, Honorable Discharge from the N.Y.C. Patrol Corp with five citations, certificate of merit from Bellmans Honorary Members Club, 1970 presenting Antioch Lodge with Plumb and Plumbline on March 16, 1966 and the Valentine Dance given by the Lodge in 1964.


Certificate of Public Service from Governor Averell Harriman, State of NY on January 1, 1958.  An award for his contribution to the Bood Bank.


Treasurer for the Committee for the NY State Council of Deliberations, Past, Thrice Potent Master, Mr. Olvie Lodge of Perfection No. 3, Past, Most Wise Master, Mt. Olive Rose Croix Chapter No. 3, Past Hight Priest Widow’s Son chpater No. 1, R.E. District Deputy Grand High Priest, First Royal Arch District State of New York, Past, Tresurer, Zabud Coucil No. 7, Royal and Select Masters, Past Grand Sword Bearer 4 years, Past Grand Standard Bearer 4 years, Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge, State of NY, Treasurer, Mounted Patrol, Medina Temple No. 19, A.E.A.O.N.S., Asst. Treasurer, Recreation Dept. Medina Temple No. 19, A.O.A.O.N.M.S.


Worshipful Master 1965

Antioch Lodge’s 35th Worshipful Master

Past Master Coston was born in Snowhill Maryland, on April 2, 1917.  One of fours children, he received his educaion in Snowhill and New York City.  He arrived in New York in 1932.  Brother Coston came into Prince Hall Masonary in 1949; and was raised bby Worshipful Master David Tyler.  His state reason for wanting to become a mason being, to work and become associated with better men.

He was elected Worshipful Master in 1965.  In 1966 he was elected Treasurer, a position he held for many years.

He has served as Chairman of Reservation on the Joint Committee from 1950 to 1958., Chairman of the Joint Committee from 1958 to 1963.  Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee from 1956 to 1976.

Brother Coston is also active in Widows Son Chapter #1, Royal Arch Masons, and Antioch Chapter #44.

Brother Coston was always known for his leadership abilities because as a leader he quietly, efficiently and consistently did a great job.


Worshipful Master 1966

Antioch Lodge’s 36th Worshipful Master

A native of Des Moines, Iowa, Past Master Webb was born June 7, 1911.  He arrived in New York City in 1946, Iowa’s loss being Antioch’s gain.  Brother Webb served in the Navy from januaryCoston was born in Snowhill Maryland, on April 2, 1917.  One of fours children, he received his educaion in Snowhill and New York City.  He arrived January 11, 1944 until November 22, 1945. When he was honorably discharged.  He is married and has one child.  Af lifelong employee in the Food Service Trade.  He retired in 1976 after 31 years labor.  After his retirement, Brother Webb left New York and now resides in Georgia.

Past Master Webb became a Master Mason in 1948, the 25th year of Antioch’s existence in the Prince Hall Family, under the administration of Worshipful Master Emmett Avery.  His desire to become a mason was prompted by the fact that his father was a mason and the anticipation that masonry would bring him closer to people.

His credits in the Craft are numerous.  He is a member of the Royal Arch, King David Consistory #3.  He was active on all committees in the Lodge.  Having served as Chairman of the widows and Orphans Committee from 1968 through 1972.  One of his accomplishments of which he is extremely proud is being the founder of the Charity Club.  On Januiary 20, 1966 Past Master Webb informed the Craft that he would have the charity box passed around the Lodge at each communication and that the money collected would be placed in a savings account for sick and indigent brothers; also a charity Club Committee would be formed.

He was proud of the Lodge ending the year in the black, and the cooperation he received from the brothers.  Antioch Lodge presented him with a Past Master’s Jewel and a certificate thanking him for his many years of faithful service.

I must out necessity add that Brother Webb has been involved in community activities for the past 20 years.  His total dedication, devotion and tireless labors will be missed.


Worshipful Master 1967

Antioch Lodge’s 37th Worshipful Master

Past Master Updack a native of Palestine Texas graced the shores of New York City in 1946.  Brother Updack is a long time employee of the United States Postal Service.  He was joined in matrimony with the former Ruth Traylor in 1945.  He entered the army in 1944, being honorably discharged in 1946.

He became a member of Antioch in 1954, uner the administration of Worshipful Master Herbert Hollon.  Brother Updack was elected Worshipful Master in 1967.  At the close of his administration he was awarded a Past Master’s Jewel by the Lodge.

He served as Dean of Antioch Lodge’s Study Club in 1970, 1971, and 1972.  He has been active on all committees.  He is also a member of our sister Chapter #44.

January 15, 1967 W.M. Updack was presented a plaque, during the Grand Session, for the Lodge that gave the most blood during the Blood Bank Drive; which he proudly showed the brother’s of Antioch.


Worshipful Master 1968

Antioch Lodge’s 38th Worshipful Master

Born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1899.  He and his family moved to New York City in 1904.  Brother Charms entered the army duirng September 1919, being discharged December 1919.  In 1921 he was wed, becoming the proud father of four children.  During his period he was also active in community work.

Brother Charms became of member of Antioch Lodge in 1954.  Being raised by Worshipful Master Herbert Hollon.  His mother being an Easter Star possibley influenced his desire to join the Craft.  His wish to make a contribution to the good and welfare of humanity being his overwhelming desire.

He became Worshipful Master in 1968 and remains proud of having maintained a stability and solvency in the Lodge during this period.

He has been active on most committees in Antioch as well as making contributions to Joppa #55 and Crispus Attucks #60.  All this in addition to serving as Grand Organist, for which he is best known.

On March 24, 1977, directing his remarks to the younger and newly reaised brothers present, Brother Charms stated, “I am proud of the projects the brothers are tackling and their attitudes and I feel that Antioch will be in good hands for many years to come.”

Member of: Royal Arch Masons, the King David Consistory, and the Medina Temple #19.

During his administration, on October 17, 1968 a letter was received from Probate Court, City of NY informing the Lodge that Sis. Wilhelmina Campbell, Past matron of Antioch Chapter #44 and Past Grand Chapter Officer, has bequested $100 and the Past Master’s Jewel and apron of PM Arthur S. Campbell to Antioch Lodge.

On November 20, 1968 at the rquest of widow Sis. Rebecca Lyons the Past Master’s apron of Bro. Walter E. Lyons was deliverd to Antioch Lodge.  It was Bro. Lyons’ wish tht the Past Master’s apron be worn by each Jr. Past Master for one year.  Bro. Lyons was a Past Master of Hiram Lodge #23, of the 2nd Masonic Disctrict (in Brooklyn) and an honorary member of Antioch.  The apron was presented by Past Master William Clayton, Joppa Lodge #55; he too is an honorary member of our great lodge.


Worshipful Master 1969

Antioch Lodge’s 39st Worshipful Master

A Native Floridian Past Master Jones, one of five children, was born on May 31, 1913.  He received his education in both Daytona Beach, Florida and New York City school systems, arriving here in 1919.

An employee of the New York City Transit Authority, Bro. Jones retired in 1974 after 25 years of dedicated service.  A deeply religious man, he was highly influenced by an uncle who was an ordained minister and 32⁰ Mason.  He pursued the path of masonry to become a better man and intellectual enlightenment in the Craft.  His pursuit of higher achievements open the way for his election to Worshipful Master in 1969.

He served his lodge well, as Director of Masonic Information in 1973; as well as being involved in community affairs.  A 32⁰ Mason, PM Jones is a member of Widows Son Chapter # 1 Royal Arch Masons, Royal and Select Masters, King David Consistory #3, Ivanhoe Commandery #5, Medina Temple A. E. O. N. M. S. #19, and Antioch Chapter #44.


Worshipful Master 1970

Antioch Lodge’s 40th Worshipful Master

Past Master Marion Harris, is a native of Atlanta, Georgia.  He is presently an employee of the United States Postal Service in Manhattan.

His desire to become a Mason was to become a better man.  He fulfilled his objective in 1960 when he was raised to the sublime degree of Master.  By 1969 his diligence took him one step further when he assumed the office of Worthy Patron of Antioch Chapter #44.  He concluded his service in 1975.  He also served as President of the Charity Club.  Finally, he became Associate Grand Patron of Eureka Grand Chapter in 1976.


Worshipful Master 1971

Antioch Lodge’s 41st Worshipful Master

At native of Brooklyn, Past Master Green, on of the shining lights on Antioch #66 entered the Craft in 1962, under the administration of Worshipful Master Cecil G. Herbert.

Brother Green’s zealous pursuit of intellectual enlightenment and arduous labors led to his unanimous election as Worshipful Master in 1971.  His desire to become a Mason was influenced by an act of charity he observed being performed by member of the Shrine.

Now a resident of Queens, Brother Green is a lifelong employee of the New York City Transit Authority.  He has been noticibly active in community affairs.  One phase being Assistant Scount Master of Troop 75 in Queens.

Brother Green’s creidts are numerous, he is a member of Widows son Chapter #1 Royal Arch Masons, King David Consistory #3 A.A.S.R.M., Medina Temple #19 A.E.A.O.N.M.S, and Antioch Chapter #44.

In addition, PM Green has served as President of the Charity Club (1966-1969).  He also served as 1st Vice President of the First Masonic District, Vice President of Antioch Study Club, District Deputy Grand Master of the First Masonic District, Commander of Display Units for Medina Temple #19 and is an Honorary Member of Crispus Attucks #60.

At the end of 1971, the then WM Flave K. Green was declared Worshipful Master of the Year, within NY Prince Hall Mason and its Jurisdiction, by MW Vincent Best then presiding.


Worshipful Master 1972

Antioch Lodge’s 42nd Worshipful Master

Brother Clay was born in Stamford Connecticut in July 1931.  He served in the Air Force from September 1949 to February 1953 when he was honorably discharged.  He is married and the proud father of two children.  Brother Clay is active in community affairs in the Bronx, his place of residence as well as his place of worship, Salem Methodist Church in Manhattan.

Brother Clay became a member of Antioch Lodge in 1962 and elected to Worshipful Master in 1972.  Brother Clay has been active on all committees in the Lodge, also having served as Dean of the Study Class and President of the Charity Club.

His desire to become a Mason was prompted by an overwhelming urge to become involved in the promotion of brotherhood.

His proudest moment was being elected Worshipful Master.


Worshipful Master 1973

Antioch Lodge’s 43rd Worshipful Master

Past Master Brentwood Miller, one of ten children, is a native of South Carolina.  He came to New York City to live at a very early age.  His father who was a  shining example of a Mason, inspired him to follow in his foot steps.  His desire to become a Mason became a reality on October 29, 1964 when he became a Master Mason.

Past Master Miller is very active in various Masonic Committees.  He is well known for many of Antioch’s widows and is always willing to assist his brothers.  An hour glass was donated to the Lodge on his behalf.  He is very fond of Roscoe, our home and resort.

It is notworthy to mention tht during Brother Miller’s term in office Antioch was celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary Dinner Dance was held at Mayers Parkway Restaurant in the Bronx on May 25, 1973.

PM Miller is a member of the Widow’s Son #1, Royal Arch Mason – Excellent High Priest; Past Presiding Officer of Tim Alpha Council #1, R.S.M.; Member of Medina Temple #19; and member of King David Consistory #3.


Worshipful Master 1974

Antioch Lodge’s 44th Worshipful Master

Past Master Benjamin was born in Barbados, West Indies on December 12, 1916.  He came to NY with his monther in 1924.  Brother Benjamin was educated in NYC public school system.  He served in the Armed forces from July 1943 to Novermber 1945.  He is married and father of one daughther and two sons.  Also, PM Benjamin is employeed by the NY Transit Authority.

Brother Benjamin was raised December 1947 in Equality Lodge #3 A.&F.A.M., jurisdiction of Enoch Grand Lodge Brookly, NY.  He was reobligated in Prince Hall Grand Occassional Lodge in 1963; and, became a member of Antioch in 1964.  His proudest moment was conferring the Master Mason Degree. He was Dean of the Study Class and Degree Work for many years.  Also, he was Past High Priest of Widow’s Son Chapter #1 royal Arch Masons, Past Thrice Ill. Master Royal & Select Master, Past Thrice Potent Master of Mt. Olive Lodge of Perfection #3, Past Most Wise Master of Mt. Olive Roxe Croix #3,  Commander-In-Chief King David Consistory #3 and Grand Lecturer for Royal Arch Masons in the State of New York.


Worshipful Master 1975

Antioch Lodge’s 45th Worshipful Master

Past Master Harrigan, one of five children, was born June 22, 1926 in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.  He was educated in the St. Thomas school system.  He furthered his education upon his arrival in New York City.  Brother Harrigan was employed in the Food Service Trade.  An active member in the Union; he was elected to the Executive Board, as position he held until his demise on June 23, 1976.

A beautiful love affair blossomed into the bonds of holy matrimony between he and the former Ismay Vanterpool, February 18, 1961.  The bonds were sealed with the birth of two lovely children, Lisa and Errol.

Brother “Nat” as he was called, was raised in 1958 under the administration of Worshipful Master Hubert Harris.  Brother Harrigan was active on all committees in the Lodge, culminated by his appointment as President of the Charity Club.  A tireless, dedicated and devoted individual, he was elected to the highest office attainable in a Masonic Lodge, that of worshipful Master in 1975.

Also, Past Master Harrigan was involved in civic and community affairs.  He was active in the N.A.A.C.P. as well as being President of the Virgin Gorda Mutual Society, a position he still attained until he departed this life at age of 50.


Worshipful Master 1976

Antioch Lodge’s 46st Worshipful Master

A Virginian by birth, Brother Covington, one of nine children arrived in New York City in 1943 on leave from military service.  During this time, he and the former Jennie Marks (of Miami, Florida) were joined by the bonds of holy matrimony the same year.  They previously met in Virginia and later attended St. Paul College of Lawrenceville, Va.  The Covington’s were the proud parents of two children.

Brother Covington entered the Armed forces in 1941, being discharged in 1946.  At present he is employed as a computer specialist.

PM Covington was entered, passed and raised in 1965 under the administration of Worshipful Master Reese A. Coston.  His zeal for higher thoughts were easily recognizable and his ascension to the East was rapid.  He was elected Worshipful Master in 1976.

His stated proudest moments during his administration were the Annual dinner Dance at the Downbeat Dance at the Downbeat Supper Club and conferring the Master Mason Degree.  Brother Covington a 32⁰ Mason is a member of King David Consistory #3 A.A.S.M., Widows Son Chapter #1, the Royal Arch Masons, Honorary Past Potentate of Medina Temple #19, and the Shrine.

On December 16, 1976 Brother Covington was presented a plaque by Brother E. Thomas Oliver on behalf of the Lodge for dedicated services.


Worshipful Master 1977

Antioch Lodge’s 47st Worshipful Master

Past Master Evans is a native Upstate New Yorker, being born in the town of Catskill, on March 16, 1924.  He was educated in the school system there.  Brother Evans was an active member of the Second Baptist Church; being a member of the Choir, B.Y.P.U., etc., until his departure for the armed forces in 1942.  He enlisted in the army in April 1942, serving Europe and Asia.  He was honorably discharged in October 1945.

In 1948 he and his fiancé, the former Geneva White of Suffolk Virginia were wed in that locality.  After a short stay in Virginia, they moved to New York City becoming permanent residents in 1950.  They are the proud parents of four daughters.

Brother Evans was exposed to Masonic procedures, both of his parents being members of the Craft.  In addition his grandfather served as Worshipful Master for some time and was also an active member of the order of Eastern Star.  His grandmother served as Worthy Matron in the Order of Eastern Stars.  These exposures were the overwhelming influence in Brother Evans desire to become a Mason.

Sponsored by Brother Carey Mc Dow, he was accepted for member ship and raised under the administration of Worshipful Master Flave Green in 1971.  In pursuit of further enlightenment, he joined the Antioch Study Club, where under the diligent tutoring of Past Master Walter Grange and Past Master Flave Green he became more knowledgeable in the ritual.

He was appointed assistant Dean of the Antioch Lodge Study Class in 1973 and served in this position four years (1973-1976).

In 1974 he was appointed Senior Deacon by Past Master Ralph Benjamin; elected Junior Warden in 1975; Senior Warden in 1976; and in 1977 was accorded the ultimate honor by his peers of being elected Worshipful Master of Antioch #66.

Among his proudest moments are the confidence the membership has instilled in him by their overwhelming support in electing him Worshipful Master and performing the Middle Chamber Lecture as Senior Deacon.


Worshipful Master 1978

Antioch Lodge’s 48th Worshipful Master


Worshipful Master 1979

Antioch Lodge’s 49th Worshipful Master

Brother Taylor, a native New Yorker was raised in 1965 under the administration of WM Reese A. Coston.  His conscientious search for greater enlightenment combine with his labor in the vineyards resulted in his elevation to Worshipful Master in 1979.

A former Brooklynite, where he remains an active lifelong member of Concord Baptist Church, Brother Taylor now resides in Queens.  The third of nine children, whose parents were native Carolinians, PM Taylor is a product of the NYC education system.. After completion of both elementary and secondary school, he pursued higher education at both Brooklyn College and Columbia University.

He served in the armed forces from 1943 to 1946, with one and a half years of foreign service.  In 1949 he and the former Avis Griffin of NC were united in holy matrimony.  The bonds of this union were sealed with the birth of three beautiful children.

An employee of many years of faithful service with the NYC Transit Authority, Brother Taylor is a man of tested ability, sound judgment and keen perception.  These were distinct attributes during his tenure as Worshipful Master. Upon the expiration of his term, PM Taylor was awarded a plaque by this Lodge for dedicated service.  Also, he has served as President of the Charity Club and Dean of Instruction.  Finally, he is a member of Widows Son Chapter, Royal Arch Masons.

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